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Howlite has a soothing and detoxifying effect and helps with weight loss. This article summarizes its characteristics, healing properties, and powers.

Howlite tumbles
Howlite tumbles

Key Aspects

Detoxifying, Weight Loss, Balancing Calcium Levels, Soothing, Neutralizing, Tolerance


Howlite is commonly found in the form of irregular nodules, often resembling cauliflower, and porous in texture. It is white with dark, web-like veins. Because of its porous texture, the stone is often dyed to imitate other minerals, especially turquoise.

Howlite rarely occurs in crystal form, with colorless, white, or brown crystals reaching the size of only 1cm.


nodules: white with grey veins, crystals: colorless, white, brown


nodules: opaque, crystals: transparent/translucent

Category / Formula

Inoborates / Ca2 B5 SiO9 (OH)5

Crystal System




Water Safe


Sun Safe



USA, Mexico, Germany, Namibia, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia




third eye, crown


Libra, Gemini


October, May


Howlite was discovered in Nova Scotia in the 19th century by Henry How.

Howlite tumbles in sunlight
Howlite tumbles

Healing Properties and Benefits of Howlite

Body and Psyche*

Howlite is beneficial for:

  • diuretic

  • stimulating the metabolism

  • detoxifying, purifying

  • weight loss

  • regulating the acid balance, relief of heartburn and inflammation of the mucous membranes

  • healing of bones, joints, nails and teeth

  • balancing calcium levels

Mind and Soul

Howlite is beneficial for:

  • deep, peaceful sleep

  • protection from nightmares

  • grounding

  • protecting against ill-considered fluctuations in emotions

  • soothing people who are prone to outbursts of anger and hot temper

  • neutralization and dissipation of negative energies

  • releasing inhibitions and complexes

  • open-mindedness and charm

  • being true to yourself and appreciating yourself

  • opening memories of other lives

  • smoking cessation

How to Use

Using Howlite together with Magnesite enhances the detoxifying effect.

Orange Calcite strengthens the healing effect of Howlite on brittle fingernails and nail bed inflammation.

Meditating with Howlite and Orange Calcite is beneficial for weight loss and smoking cessation.

Placed under the cushion, it supports peaceful sleep.

Placed in your pocket it absorbs anger.


  • discharge in water or Hematite

  • charge with Clear Quartz or Moonlight


Howlite is often dyed, especially blue or turquoise. The color has no influence on the properties.

Howlite looks like Magnesite and White Turquoise, but these are different minerals.


*Disclaimer: always consult a doctor or therapist in the event of illnesses and physical complaints. Healing stones do not replace professional treatment, but can be used to support treatment and healing.


Sources: wikipedia, Gerhard Gutzmann: Das Große Lexikon der Heilsteine, Düfte und Kräuter

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