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Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a beautiful stone that calms the mind and stimulates the body. This article summarizes its characteristics, healing properties, and powers.

Moss Agate Tumbles
Moss Agate Tumbles

Key Aspects

Optimism, Stabilizing, New Beginnings, Digestive System, Pregnancy and Childbirth


Moss Agate is a form of white or clear chalcedony with green, dendritic inclusions of hornblende, iron, and manganese, causing the green, moss-like pattern. It is not a true form of agate, since it's missing the concentric banding.


green moss-like ores in milky, green or pink agate


transparent or translucent

Category / Formula

Silicate Mineral (Quartz) / SiO2 Complex

Crystal System




Water Safe


Sun Safe



China, India, Brazil, USA, South Africa, Central Europe, Australia




root, sacral, heart, throat


Capricorn, Virgo


January, September


In ancient times Moss Agate was known as the gardener's talisman.

Moss Agate has also been known as "Mocha stone" after the Arabian city of Mocha in Yemen. According to Arabic traditions, the stone gives its wearer the ability to distinguish between true and untrue friends.

As a lucky charm, Moss Agate was particularly popular with people who were gambling.

The crystal has only recently become popular with us due to its powerful healing properties.

Moss Agate spheres
Moss Agate spheres

Healing Properties and Benefits of Moss Agate

Body and Psyche*

Green Moss Agate is beneficial for:

  • stimulating insulin production

  • lowering the blood sugar level and alleviating diabetes by ensuring that the glucose converted by the metabolism is supplied to the organism in a more digestible form

  • filter properties of kidney, bladder, spleen and lymph

  • cleansing the circulatory and elimination system

  • relaxing and opening constrictions and congestion

  • regulating the water balance

  • immune system

  • supporting the growth of the uterus and mammary glands during pregnancy

  • loosening muscles and perineum during childbirth

  • stimulating the sebum glands and giving the hair a healthier look

  • reducing sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants

  • speeding up recovery

  • anti-inflammatory

Pink Moss Agate is beneficial for:

  • digestion, gas and bloating

  • acute and especially chronic intestinal diseases and inflammation

  • detoxifying the intestinal villi and stimulating peristalsis

  • stomach, intestines and vagina after taking antibiotics by stimulating the body's own lactobacilli

  • recurring candida fungal infections

  • vaginal inflammation and optimizing the vaginal pH value

  • lymph system

Mind and Soul

Moss Agate is beneficial for:

  • connecting with nature

  • self-esteem, confidence and stable progress

  • releasing pent-up feelings, concerns, fear, and deep-seated stress

  • optimism, trust, and hope

  • getting along with others, communication

  • sense for our own potential, personal growth, and trying one more time

  • refreshing the soul

  • stabilizing

  • new beginnings

  • attracting abundance

  • helping intellectual people accessing their intuition

  • helping intuitive people being more practical

  • self-expression

  • balancing emotions

  • depression

  • protection during breakup

How to use

Moss Agate water or tea is very beneficial for the kidneys and bladder.

Pregnant women should wear it regularly for its supportive effect.


  • discharge with hematite, smudging with herbs or sage, freshwater

  • charge with clear quartz crystal, keep near vegetation


Moss Agate can be green, blue, pink, or red-pink.


*Disclaimer: always consult a doctor or therapist in the event of illnesses and physical complaints. Healing stones do not replace professional treatment, but can be used to support treatment and healing.


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