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Labradorite is a beautiful, mystical stone for aura protection and new beginnings. This article summarizes its characteristics, healing properties, and powers.

Labradorite palmstones
Labradorite palmstones

Key Aspects

Transformation, Protection, Creativity, Balance, Intuition


Labradorite is a feldspar mineral (Plagioclase) found in mafic igneous (magmatic) rocks such as basalt and gabbro. Another variety is Anorthosite, which is composed almost entirely of labradorite.

Labradorite can display an iridescent optical effect (schiller) called labradorescence. You can find an advanced explanation of the effect on Wikipedia.


light to dark grey with schiller in var. colors


Translucent to transparent

Category / Formula

Tectosilicate / (Ca,Na)(Al,Si)4O8

Crystal System




Water Safe


Sun Safe



Canada, Finland, Madagascar, Russia, USA, India


rare, purple and very light variations very rare


Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Sacral, Root


no specific


no specific


Labradorite was first identified in Labrador, Canada in 1770. It belongs to the Plagioclase family. The name comes from the Greek Plagios, which means slanting. Slanting because the crystalline structures of the labradorite are not perpendicular, but rather askew to one another. This creates the shimmering play of colors on the stones. The schiller effect was researched in the 1920s by Robert Strutt and Ove Bøggild. In 1960 the very colorful variation Spectrolite was found in Finland.

Due to its play of colors, labradorite quickly became popular. It was built into castles and magnificent buildings as a valuable mirror stone and was soon used as a gemstone. Today the natural deposits are almost exhausted.

Labradorite palmstones
Labradorite palmstones

Healing Properties and Benefits of Labradorite

Body and Psyche*

Labradorite is beneficial for:

  • memory

  • activation of the thymus gland and strengthening of the immune system

  • healing of bone diseases through high calcium content

  • preventing spinal curvature

  • help against weather sensitivity, it has a balancing and protective effect in extreme weather fluctuations and great heat

  • relieving circulatory problems and balancing blood pressure

  • relieving gout and rheumatism

  • relieving PMS

Mind and Soul

Labradorite is beneficial for:

  • supports the imagination, creativity, and artistic talent

  • protection of the aura

  • mental protection in relationship problems

  • defense against external influences

  • removing other people's projections

  • dispelling illusions, showing the real intention

  • calming and balancing, appeasing angry people

  • focusing on personal concerns

  • facilitates emotional satisfaction

  • courage to take on new opportunities

  • strengthening of a realistic point of view, protection against illusions

  • allowing other people's bad moods

  • reminding self-centered people that they are not alone in the world

  • exceeding the normal limits of consciousness

  • the ability to experience feelings more deeply

  • remembering dreams (Galaxite)

  • banishing insecurities

  • helping against anxiety, relieving feelings of horror and panic

  • alleviating dark premonitions, fear of the future and fear of life

  • relieving fear of thunderstorms and impending disaster

  • cleansing the living space of negative energies

  • penetrates particularly deeply in meditation and reveals particularly deep-seated blockages

  • facilitates initiation into the mysteries

  • stimulating intuition and the art of right timing

How to Use

Wear as a necklace if you have bone problems or if you are sensitive to the weather.

Drink Labradorite water or tea for circulatory problems, gout and rheumatism.

Place a sphere indoors to bring about peace in the family and soothe angry people. Don't use a metallic stand.

Labradorite prefers to be used solo in meditation and chakra work because of its sensitive waves.


  • discharge in running water after use. If its surface becomes cloudy, let it rest in the sun in a bowl with mineral water for 1 or 2 days. Discharge necklaces in Hematite over night.

  • charge with Clear Quartz and/or sunlight.0


Spectrolite (Labradorite with a high degree of labradorescence, Finland), Sunstone, Anorthosite (often used as architectural stone under the name blue granite), Larvikite, Galaxite


*Disclaimer: always consult a doctor or therapist in the event of illnesses and physical complaints. Healing stones do not replace professional treatment, but can be used to support treatment and healing.


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